Sunday, June 7, 2009

You know how I know I'm old

I took my Mad Libs books to work yesterday because I figured we would be dead. A co-worker was walking my by desk

I said giddily "Look what I have"

He gave me a blank look and said, "WTF is Mad Libs"

My mouth agape (or ajar or... well you get the picture) I said "What do you mean 'WTF are Mad Libs'?"

He said, "I have heard the term but I have never actually seen it"

Incredulous I exclaimed,"YOU HAVE NEVER DONE MAD LIBS?!?!? HOW OLD ARE YOU?!?!"

(I already knew his age, and I soon as I asked him, I remember why I choose to "forget" all the time. I immediately regretted the words as soon as they came off of my damned tongue)

He grinned ear to ear and said "25" (he knows my age too and loves rubbing it in as much as he can.)

I cringed and explained to him how it works and I would text him for a word.

Another co-worker (older than me) comes around the corner. I said to him "Look what I brought!"

He looked at me like a just grew another head. Not because he was clueless, but because he probably thinks knows I am an idiot.

Then I asked "Can you believe he doesn't know what Mad-Libs are?"

I then explained the diatribe between the young whipper-snapper and I. It was only then that he really laughed.

He said, "Out of everything I have heat this morning 'WTF is a Mad Lib is the funniest'

The three of us then started talking about the different decades. How the REAL young kids have no idea cell phones haven't always been around, have no idea what a vinyl record is (for those of you reading that might not now.. a record is a BIG CD made out of plastic same concept as a CD, just different technology)

The baby of the trio says, "You can also tell you're old when your favorite song you hear in the elevator."

I said, "Yeah and how that song is Metallica"

Then, the old man said (and I know all of you 30 yr plus parents that listen to the same teeny bopper crap that your kids listen to can relate)

"You know you're REALLY old when you have had this argument with your kids"

Child: "You HAVE to listen to this new song by the 'A-Teens'"

Pretending to be excited you put struggle to put those damn earbuds in your ear and wonder what in the hell happened to the giant earmuff headphones that we had back in the day)

So you finally get them in and she plays the song. You listen to this 'OH MY GOD I'M OLD song Dancing Queen' (I know it's a lame example, but I haven't had enough coffee to come up with a better sample song/band for this hypothetical argument so BITE ME!)

She watches your face to see if you are as excited as her about this new song, then becomes extremely puzzled as you start singing at the top of your lungs and dancing around the living room. Looking at her face you fail to contain the fits of laughter spewing from your body.

"You KNOW this song? but how, it just came out today!"

After you catch your breath and compose yourself you ask: "Honey, who sings this song?"

"UGH (rolling eyes) you are so OLD.. It's the A-Teens"

You then began the futile quest to explain that this song is a remake a band called ABBA from the 70's. I won't even go into the ensuing 15 minute argument ending with you digging out your dusty ABBA record album, breaking out the all inclusive record player, cassette player still in perfect working order as if in preparation for this moment, and play the song for her.

Her response? You guessed it "Well the A-Teens sing it better"


Ok people.. snap out of the skating rink/disco ball fantasy and come back to me.. ok welcome back.

The conversation in the office then became a talk about THE bestradio station E V E R in the day *late 70's early to mid 80's.. the now defunct WDIZ. It played classic rock as well as the current hits of the time (also now considered classic rock). BUT it is online YAY!

The old man (42 to my almost 37) said "I loved that station, but I never understood why they played 'Freebird' every 45 minutes"

The response for the baby? Yup.. "WTF is Freebird"

With a groan, the old man walked away, I sent the baby away with him protesting "What is Freebird" I didn't have that much time in my day to go there with him

THAT's how I know I'm old!

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