Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday!

Yesterday was good day at work; it was filled with hilarity.

In order to understand the humor, you have to know that our office, like many others, I'm sure, is filled with a bunch of immature people.

So with that knowledge I hope you will enjoy these stories that happened yesterday as I did.

  • We have to IM the team leader to find out if there is more work. I usually just IM saying "more." This morning however, I typed "moew?" Needless to say the TL was kinda confused. I realized what I had typed, corrected myself and told her that a dyslexic cat took over my keyboard.
  • I was talking to my team leader through a pane of glass separating our cubicles and I said "I think I slept on my wrist wrong, because it hurts." She heard "I think I sucked on my wrist wrong...." She didn't know there was a right way.
  • Tuesday another TL gave me a blouse. It is from NY & Co. Some of you female readers know how difficult it can be to figure out how some articles of clothing are to be worn. This is one of those. It has one short tie strap on one side and one very long tie strap on the other. After 15 minutes.. I FINALLY figured out how it was supposed to be worn. I thought. The longer strap wraps around the back to tie with the other on the left side to close the front. When I told her how long it took me, she laughed her ass off as did everyone else in earshot. I wore it to work this morning to find out I ALMOST had it right. There is a hole in the side (which wasn't sure was supposed to be there and a loop on the side (which I didn't discover until yesterday morning) I went into the break room to demonstrate to her how much I looked like an idiot when I was trying to figure it out Tuesday. She said "You are such a dork, you still don't have it right!" She started to re-do it and one of the male perverts walked in and said "Giggity" (Family Guy fans just blew coffee out of their noses.) We didn't even try to explain. She showed me the proper way to put in on; it is WAY more complicated than this Dizzblnd can handle.
  • Later I got a call from a customer doing work for THE ASSOCIATION FOR RETARDED CHILDREN TRAINING CENTER. I wonder what they are training them to do?
  • I had actually typed "RETARTED" Maybe I need to go there so they can teach me to spell.
  • The team leader that gave me the blouse is also OCD. I assumed she doesn't like anyone writing on her papers. She informed me yesterday that it doesn't bother her when other people write on her papers. It's just me. She thinks my writing looks like I had a stroke in the middle of writing my numbers. I started to protest, but alas, I could not. My handwriting is HORRIBLE. In fact, its so bad the only person that can read my handwriting is my team leader because she writes as horribly as I.
  • A co-worker got a call from a moron that was asking HER the name of the street on which HE was working. Remember, people call US to tell US where they are working; WE don't call them and dictate where THEY are working.
  • Towards the end of the day, I had laughed so much, I had given myself a headache. So I took some Excedrin to get rid of it. About an hour later, I started sniffling, so I took some sinus stuff. Brilliant! I was bouncing off the walls by the end of the day.
*Note to self, take that combination with coffee at the START of the day.

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SkylersDad said...

Giggity to that whole post!

Anonymous said...

I'm retired now, but when I was on the fire department an older woman called because her kitchen was on fire. She was describing the carnage while I was hitting the paxton bells and everyone ran for the fire trucks and were on their way to her house, just as she said "Oh....never mind." WTF???

dizzblnd said...

LOL Chris!

Dana... She might have been hallucinamatin

lizspin said...

At least work is good for something now and then. . .

dizzblnd said...

LMAO sure as hell isn't good for making ends meet!

Anonymous said...

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