Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Genius

For those of you who don't know or don't think that it IS important to call before you dig, take a look at what could happen over at Spam From Fam Anyway, this rant isn't about anyone blowing themselves up.. although... nevermind.

Any whoozle I received a call yesterday from a "woman" I use that term loosely, because it was more like talking to my teenager, or a six year old (splitting hairs there)

We are REQUIRED ask the same questions to EVERYONE that calls us.

I had answered the phone as was greeted with,

I need to talk to *Dilbert please.

I'm sorry, Dilbert is on the phone, but I can help you

He told me a month ago to call him 3-5 business days before I need to dig, so that is what I am doing, can you put him on the phone please

Ma'am, he is on the phone assisting another customer, (damn I sound like a recording) but I do the same thing he does, I will be more than happy to help you (a lie at this point)

So she gives in and lets me help her (Oh Joy) I get her home phone her name address with no problem...

Do you have an email address?

What do you need THAT for?

It is just another way for the utilities to contact you

My home phone works perfectly fine, I'm not giving you my email address

Ok, no email address

That's not true ma'am, I have an email address, I am just not giving it to you, if this is going to be a problem, you can transfer me to Dilbert

There isn't a problem, but since you didn't give me your email address, when I read it back, I have to say "No email"

Well I don't see why you have to lie, but whatever.

I move on.. ready to accidentally disconnect at this point

Do you have a fax number?

I don't understand why you ask all of these questions

Again, it's just another way for the utilities to contact you and I am REQUIRED to ask

Well as I have stated, my home phone works perfectly fine, you don't need my fax number

OK, no fax number

That is my prerogative ma'am if I want to give you this information or not

Yes ma'am, but I still have to ask.

Do you have a cell phone number?

Yes, but if you're not AT&T you will eat up my minutes, so I am not giving you the number (why am I not surprised?)

WHY? Why do people have to make things so freakin difficult? If you have what I ask, but don't want to share, a simple "no" would suffice. Why argue like a spoiled child about shit that makes no sense. Then to say I am lying when I say "no email, fax, or cell phone" is just plain ludicrous Once just once, I would like to say GET A LIFE.. you called me for a FREE service to protect YOU, I didn't call you!

Thank you for letting me vent

*name changed to save my job

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