Saturday, August 15, 2009

Miscellaneous Stuff

It's not that I haven't been working .. except when I was in South Beach for a little while at the beginning of this month. It's just that I have been Tweeting (though I swore I NEVER would) blogging on my other blog and playing Call of Duty 4 and partying pretty much every weekend.

Anyway, here's a couple of random things that really cracked me up this past week.

I was talking to a lady who works for a contractor. She is probably in her early 70's. After the 3rd ticket and asking the same questions on each one, she says "poopfart" when I asked her for an intersecting street and she realized she didn't have one. I had to stifle a laugh.

Thursday, I went into the breakroom to get some coffee. The BIG boss was in there too. I went to the coffee maker and the main coffee pot was gone. I looked and the burner was turned off and the coffee pot was rinsed out and turned upside down to dry.

I said "I can't believe this, instead of making a new pot of coffee, someone rinsed out the coffee pot"

The Big Boss looks up at me, grins and said, "I did that".

OMG talk about embarrassing. I know I turned 8 shades of red.

I recovered quickly, laughed and said, "And it will be the best tasting pot of coffee because it was clean! I am so sorry" Luckily, he has a great sense of humor and likes me. I'm just glad I didn''t say "some idiot or some dumbass"

He said, "That's OK, don't worry about it."

I replied, "Well I am not going to be hungry for lunch now, my foot pretty much filled me up!"

The rest of the day, when he walked by my desk, he asked me if he could get me some coffee.

New Soggy-Doggy


Mango Girl said...


dizz said...

i know it! now that's all I say

Guest said...

I would have asked him "why in the word did you do that?" Oops, career-limiting move. ;-)

King of New York Hacks said...

When you saw the coffee pot like that , you should have screamed "POOPFART"!! He would have gladly made a new pot AND thank you for increasing his vocabulary. I'm so using that word tomorrow night on one of my customers !!LMAO !

otin said...

It is funny when you rant to the boss about how dumb something was and then you find out that it was the boss that did it! I posted a comment on this post, it must have gotten eaten or something! Thanks for your nice words about my story!

Minka said...

Sense of humour rules! Can you imagine an uptight kind of boss? Ouch!