Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 3 day weekend!

I am off today YAY. Heres a few tidbits from yesterday.

A company calls me and I notice his area code listed is different than the city his office is. So I asked him for the area code and phone number for the main office in that city. He gives me one.

I moved on to ask him some other contact information.

"Do you have a cell phone number?"

"It's the number I just gave you"

"I thought that was the main office number for your company"

"Well, it's a temporary number that was given to me"

"Is it the office number or your cell phone number"

"It's the office number."

"Do you have a cell phone number"



I move on to other questions.

What type of work is your company doing?"

"The company we are doing the work for is doing shoulder work."

"And is your company is doing shoulder work as well?

"No we are installing the construction signs for them"

I am still speaking English right? I mean you all understand me.

Moving along...

"How long do you expect the digging to take?" (Ex. a month a year a day etc..)

"As soon as possible"

Really? You are this dumb?

I repeat..
"How long is the digging going to take?"

"What do you mean?"

"You are digging is that correct?"


"OK how long is the digging going to take? An hour, a day, a week, a year?"

"Oh.. Just a day."

Next question.

Is there a physical address to where you will be digging?


"And the address is..."

"Smith Rd"

And what is the address please?"

"It's on Smith Rd."

"I understand the address is on Smith Rd... I need the address for the property that you'll be digging."

"There is no address...."


The rest of the call was OK.. a few more things he was dumb about.. but you get the picture.

Later, his sister called.

All of the other questions she answered with no problem.

She gave me the address

"I asked for the intersecting street (you know the one at the corner closest to the property"

After insisting there wasn't one, because the road stretches the entire length of the county and there aren't any streets that come off of it anywhere, I made her look up the address on line. She gives me a name of a street and I ask her,

"Is that within 1/4 mile from the address?"

"I don't know; nobodys ever asked me if the cross street was within 1/4 mile before and I have been calling there for 5 years."


I told her, while laughing "I've aked it everyday of my life for the last 9 1/2 years, we ALWAYS ask if the cross street is within 1/4 mile when you give us an address"

She looked it up again and said, "Well its a corner property"

HUMPH!.. I thought there were no other streets off of this road anywhere in the county

Later a guy called and screamed at me because someone was cutting down trees in his yard. When I explained he had the wrong number, he said,

Well you people hired them to trim the trees"

"No sir" I explained who we are AGAIN.

He said well FPL hired the tree trimmers. I gave him the number for FPL. Then he tells me., "Well I was told to call the county"

So why in the hell are you calling me?

He told me "If I was back home I'd kill the sons of bitches for cutting my trees on my property."

I told him to have a nice day and I hung up.

I am so glad I am off today. HAPPY AND SAFE TOMORROW EVERYBODY!


dizzblnd said...

The stupidity will never end and these people reproduce?

dizzblnd said...

Bless you heart. Here's a jewel for your crown just for putting up with this crap.